NEWS. 26 March 2015. Tyketo Penirein had 6 kittens.

I am a small breeder of Siamese and Devon Rex cats under the GCCF registered prefix of Tyketo. We are based in Wyke, Bradford, West Yorkshire, easily accessible from the M62.
It was back in 1972 that we got our first Siamese boy ? Taottoshi Aeropus (Tetsu) . We had first come into contact with this wonderful breed during many visits to a China shop in the centre of Leeds, where they had a Siamese living in the shop.
We did not start to breed Siamese until many years later, when in 1995 Metexa Stardust (Jasmine) came to live with us.
It was whilst taking Jasmine to stud about 10 years ago that we met our first Devon Rex, we were instantly smitten and eventually in 2008 our Siamese were joined by a Devon Rex kitten Rexitude Miss Tyketo (Chloe).
We only have one or two litters a year and occassionally have kittens looking for their forever homes.